Before We Continue: About Us, Our Plans, and Our Blog

Before we start posting a bunch more things that you may or may not care about, maybe we should allow you to get to know us and tell you what this is all about in our first (sort of) post. As you’ve probably already discovered we are Andrew and Venessa, nomad Canadians.
It emerged from the desire to want to share our adventures with our friends and families and blossomed into this blog. After much discussion about where we want this blog to go we decided on, no where. Whether it turns into something big that helps us fulfill our dreams of travelling the world or was just something for our moms to read back home, we are completely happy with just sharing our experiences.

Why don’t you get to know us a bit more by reading these facts about us:
  • 1) Venessa is four years (less two days) older than Andrew. Yes, we do get a lot of remarks about the age difference and a lot of cradle robbing jokes.
  • 2) We both travelled to Europe for a month in 2013 on two separate trips and when one went into Germany from Czech the other went from Czech to Germany. We never crossed paths once, but there was a lot of Skype with some less than ideal internet signal.
  • 3) We only live about 8 minutes away by car. Venessa once road her bike over, unfortunately her bike has never returned back home due to laziness.
  • 4) Our musical tastes are mostly completely different. There is always a battle for who gets to play their music in the car. Usually it depends on whose car we are in, ownership takes precedence.
  • 5) We love to hike, snowboard and explore the outdoors. We both adore the mountains and are extremely lucky to live so close to the Canadian Rockies. And no living in the mountains never gets old.
  • 6) Andrew loves to cook and is an expert at making coffee, Venessa usually just wants to eat dessert.
  • 7) Dogs are everything, we both have dogs and can’t wait until we can get more. There’s also nothing better than a funny or adorable dog video.
Why we want to travel
  • 1) Like most travellers we simply want to see the world. It’s a beautiful place so why not!
  • 2) We both love to eat and finding local delicious eateries is something we thoroughly enjoy. It’s great thinking back to when you were in a country and found that hole in the wall with the best food you’ve ever eaten but will never be able to tell someone directions because they’d walk right past it.
  • 3) Meeting new people is one of the major reasons travelling is so enjoyable. Having friends all over the world is absolutely wonderful. Gives you tons of chances to travel even more! Double win.
  • 4) It gives us a chance to live without an agenda. There is no one telling us what to do next or where to go.
  • 5) We love to learn! Knowledge is power and travelling gives us an opportunity to learn so much about different people, cultures, countries, and the world.
  • 6) Travelling enriches your life. We don’t find value in the traditional material goods. We would rather be out exploring than following some a-typical path of life.
  • 7) Simply because it’s fun. Travelling is like a hobby for us, this is our passion.
Where are we going?

We have plans to go everywhere and those plans seem to change often because of our desires to literally go everywhere. We try not to have a set path when we travel because sometimes things pop up when we are least expecting it. No sense in missing out on those random chances to do something amazing.

This Blog

Toques and Boots is going to contain all the stories of our travels the ups and downs as individuals, as a couple and as backpackers. Hopefully all of our stories bring others comfort and allow them to plan their own trips knowing they can do it too. We are excited to share our adventures with whoever decides to read this. Thanks in Advance!

Andrew & Venessa

We also travel with Duke, our bear. He has been to 13 countries and his own Pawsport and backpack.

We also travel with Duke, our bear. He has been to 13 countries and his own Pawsport and backpack.