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Travel and Adventure is a lifestyle.

About Toques & Boots

Hi! We are Andrew & Venessa, a Canadian couple with a passion for Travel & Adventure. We believe life is a lot more than sitting behind a desk. Life is about living authentically, finding your passion and living life to the fullest. Collectively we have traveled to 16 countries, lived in a van, faced our fears, checked big items off our bucket list, and lived as authentically as we can. Our hope with this blog is to inspire you to live your life as authentically as you can and hopefully explore this amazing planet we call home.

And most importantly…

live a life you will remember, in places you won’t forget. 

First, we should probably explain what the name of our blog even means. Toque (pronounced: too-k) is more commonly known as a beanie. Basically, a knitted hat typically worn in cold weather. In Canada we wear them a lot, sometimes year round. Toque is the French word for a beanie, in essence. It’s a very common term in Canada and you very rarely see Canadians who don’t constantly wear them or at least own like five of them. They keep us warm and remind us a little of home. Boots are something that carry us from destination to destination but also bring us home. So, Toques and Boots was born.

We always try and live by our motto which is live a life you will remember, in places you won’t forget. 

Enough about how this blog came to be. Let’s talk more about us as people. We are your average Canadian couple who grew up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada near the Rocky Mountains. It instilled in us a passion and love of the outdoors, no matter the season. There’s adventure to be found in every season if you look for it.

By the time we met both of us had already developed a passion for travel and adventure. In the summer of 2013, only 4 months into our relationship, surprisingly we both took solo trips to Europe. By the time we got home we both knew that travelling wasn’t just a one time deal, it was a lifestyle we wanted to chase.

We made a decision to follow our dreams and experience this planet.

Saving every penny we possibly could for a little over a year, by living at home and reducing every monthly expense we could, we managed to save enough to go on a whirlwind trip in 2015 to New Zealand for six months. And started our blog!

At the end of the day, we want to show people that you can live your most authentic life by following your dreams and passions.

It’s totally possible to live an extraordinary life as an ordinary person. Sometimes it’s daunting to feel like you can’t do all the things in life you’ve always dreamed of. But you can! All it takes is a little time and dedication.

All you have to do is take that first leap and go with the flow. Nothing will ever go as planned but sometimes those failed moments make the best memories.

There are five things we hope you get out of our blog:

  • Be inspired and find the courage to do something about it
  • ‘Middle-Class’ travel is possible and completely affordable
  • Travelling as a couple can actually enhance your relationship rather than ruin it.
  • You never have to give up your sense of adventure


  • The worst situations always turn into the best stories.

Hopefully you find a piece of yourself here within our little blog.

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