Finally! Our first night sleeping in the van, we couldn’t be more excited than to give this new lifestyle we are adopting for the next few months a try. It was going to be awesome, we picked a great campsite just outside of Tekapo that we could get a great view of the stars and we would wake up to a mountain view reflecting on the lake below. It would be a night we would remember forever.

A night to remember indeed, a night of no sleep, cold toes, and even colder noses. Andy was fast asleep because for some reason he is a human heater, I on the other hand was so cold my body physically wouldn’t let me sleep. As most boyfriends know, if you’re girlfriend is suffering you’re most likely going to suffer too.

We didn’t even know the time but Andy got woken up by my whispering,

“Andy are you awake? Babe, Babe are you up? Babe?”

He responded with a quiet mumble.

“Do you have to pee?”

His less than thrilled voice replied with a simple,

“I don’t but I guess I do now.”

There was no way I was venturing out into the cold cold world in a desolately dark place, in an international dark sky reserve where there were no lights to guide me to pee on my own. Have you seen any horror movie ever?

A decent sleep was not to be had until the sun rose and provided us with a little heat. I ended up buying a sleeping bag and a hot water bottle to throw in it at my feet for some added warmth so not only could I sleep comfortably but Andy wouldn’t get woken up by my misery.

It wasn’t the best or most comfortable first night in our van, but it would certainly be one to remember, just like we thought it would be.
Note to self: When sleeping in a van in winter, make sure you have enough supplies to keep you warm during the cold nights.

None the less we managed to capture some great star shots.

None the less we managed to capture some great star shots.