Ever wanted to see a bunch of photos of trees? Then you’ve hit the jackpot on this post!

Lord of the Rings is obviously a huge attraction for visitors to New Zealand. Everywhere you go looks like a scene from the movie. There are tons of areas you can drive to and get out of your car and see exactly where they shot. As pretty big fans of LOTR (Okay so Andy is a fan but I’m OBSESSED) we obviously had to go to as many locations as possible. (I have all the GPS locations on my phone to ensure we don’t drive past a single one!)

The desire to visit all these places is so real that we created a personal google map with all the gps locations of filming spots and basically planned a route based on those areas. You can’t do New Zealand without LOTR, sorry but you’d be doing it wrong.

We found most of the places are quite close to each other along the south western side of the south island. And so they should be, this area of the country is so freaking remarkably beautiful and out of this world it’s no wonder they use it for fantasy novel movies, or really any filming for that matter.

Fangorn Forest for us was a must see. Like common, TREEBEARD? Who doesn’t want an up close and personal experience with that cool guy. Not to mention the Tree Ents themselves, they’re bad ass tree lords.

The forest’s real name is Snowden Forest. It’s right in the middle of farm land which is quite interesting because we expected it to be somewhere on a mountain side, but then again New Zealand is full of surprises! Especially natural ones.

They filmed the forest on both side of a dirt road and without GPS locations it would be fairly difficult to find the proper gravel roads to take, and if we had found it on our own we would have drove past the filming locations anyways. They filmed these scenes literally on either side of the gravel road, so to visit the locations we just had to park in the ditch and bush wack to an open area in the forest.

Finding an open area is the closest we would get to actually seeing the EXACT location because they enhanced the trees quite a bit to make them a lot bigger in the movies. Bigger trees mean older trees and the ents are pretty old! We found a decent make shift path and walked not even a minute in to find a giant opening that looked exactly like the movie.

We had literally and figuratively entered Fangorn Forest. (cue the girlish fan girl screams here).

The wind blew the trees around and they creaked as though they were talking to each other. The green moss contrasted the deep brown of the trees and even covered some of the bark. Fangorn was alive and well. Then Andy looked up and saw something that can only be described as coinsedental and creepy.

The eye of Sauron in the tree.

It wasn’t made by man at all, it was a natural eye of Sauron watching over the Fangorn Forest. WTF MATE!

We spent quite a while in the forest just exploring and being mind blown, but always keeping watch of the eye as it watched us.

You never know what could happen right? Can’t be too careful. It IS Sauron we are talking about here, all seeing, amiright?

Notice the Eye on the right?

Our Entrance into the Forest.