6 Free Places You Can't Miss In Prague


Europe can be brutally expensive so sometimes it’s hard finding activities that don’t cost a ton of money. Luckily we have done the hard work for you! Honestly if you look hard enough you can find some of the best activities that are completely free. There is no reason to settle on spending copious amounts of money!

So save your money and visit these 6 free places you can’t miss in Prague! We have even included a bonus!

1) Prague Old Town Square

Prague’s Old Town Square is busy! It’s a tourist mecca. There is quite a variety of street performers anything from musicians to acrobatics, which makes it pretty damn interesting! Not only are you guaranteed to be entertained but you’re guaranteed to be full. There are so many delicious types of Czech food to indulge in! Make sure you grab yourself a traditional Trdelník while in the square, it’s a special type of dough that is wrapped around a stick, grilled and then topped with sugar and a walnut mix. SO GOOD! We could really use one right now in fact…

WARNING: Prague Old Town Square like we mentioned is a tourist mecca, which means there is a lot of pick pocketing happening so watch your belongings!

prague old town square

2) Church of Our Lady Before Tyn

You can’t miss this one, quite literally, it’s a prominent piece of the Old Town Square and Prague skyline. So if you want a great view, climb to the top of one of it’s towers and take it all in! Unless you’re afraid of heights then perhaps you won’t like it but try anyways because it’s worth it. And you can face your fear of heights.

church of our lady before Tyn Prague

3) Prague Astronomical Clock

Now this might seem like a boring thing to recommend seeing, however, this is one of the coolest clocks in the world, if not THE coolest. Originally built in 1410 it’s the oldest operating and third oldest astronomical clock in the world. This clock tells the position of the sun, moon and earth, it displays the month and current zodiac, and ensures everyone knows the precise time by ringing every hour.

It also comes with a bit of a dramatic back story! Legend has it that the original clock maker was blinded by the Prague Councillors after completing the clock so that he couldn’t remake something as beautiful. In turn he damaged the clock and no one was able to repair it for about 90 years! Luckily someone was able to fix it and us travellers get to experience it’s beauty!

Prague Astronomical Clock

4) Charles Bridge

This bridge is one of the most visited sites in Prague and for good reason! Sure it’s just a bridge but it’s atmosphere, statues and history make is an amazing one! Back when the bridge was originally built it was the only thing connecting Prague Castle to Old Town. Apparently the first brick that was laid to built it was by King Charles IV himself. It’s considered one of the finest baroque style pieces of architecture in the world and has over 30 statues guarding it! Take a stroll across the bridge to Prague Castle from Old Town and take in some of Prague’s culture, art and (sadly) crowds. To avoid the crowds try going early in the morning or later at night. Maybe even both! Why not.

Charles Bridge Prague

5) Prague Castle

This Castle isn’t just a singular building it’s more of a complex than anything. It has a bit of everything, a Residential Castle, a Church, a Cathedral (with a Grand Tower), a Basilica, multiple gardens, palaces and defense towers, and even a lane of modest housing for the Castle workers. According to the Guinness Book of World Records it’s the largest ancient Castle in the World (it’s over 1100 years old)! Now if you want to just walk around casually it’s free, but you can pay if you want to enter other areas of the castle. The prices change depending on how many rooms you want to see and which rooms they are. Honestly though we didn’t pay a dime and it was still extremely awesome.

Prague Castle

6) St. Vitus Cathedral

The Cathedral is actually in the same complex as the Prague Castle but it deserves it’s own title on our list. It’s seriously AMAZING. It’s a Gothic masterpiece and a huge spiritual symbol for Czech. King Charles IV commissioned it in 1344 and it took over six centuries to build and finally got completed in 1929. Czech Kings and Queens coronations are held here and are buried in the crypts below. Want a great view of Prague? Climb up the 287 steps to get to the top of the Great South Tower. It’s worth it though even if you will be utterly exhausted afterwards. It’s free to see most places in the Church but you can purchase a ticket for a minimal price if you want to explore it further.

Vitus Cathedral Prague

7) BONUS: Sedlec Ossuary Church of Bones

This one is an added bonus because it’s not REALLY in Prague nor is it free, but it is around 40Kč (about two dollars Canadian) and is only an hour drive. It is however one of the coolest places you could ever visit in Czech! Apparently there is between 40,000 and 70,000 skeletons that make up the decorations inside this Roman Catholic Church. They adorn the walls, the windows and even the ceiling. The chandelier that hangs from the roof contains at least one of every human bone. Where did the bones come from?

Apparently the priest of the Church was sent to the Holy Land, he brought some of the dirt back with him and laid it on the Church grounds. When the black death hit thousands of people died and the Holy dirt made the Sedlec cemetery very popular. The cemetery grew so much that when they remodeled the Church they got creative with the remains!

Sedluc Ossuary Church of Bones Prague Czech Republic


Prague is an incredible city! From it’s food to it’s buildings to it’s people. Take a few days there and really take in the sites and the culture, you certainly won’t regret it! It quickly became one of our favorite European destinations!

Have you visited Prague? What was your favorite part of the city?

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6 Free Places You Can't Miss In Prague

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