We have to admit, we are making a pretty bold statement here, saying that something will CHANGE your life. In all honesty though travel will change your life there’s no beating around the bush. A lot of backpackers and travellers will tell you the exact same things we are about to.

So here are 5 Ways travelling can change your life:

1) You learn a lot about yourself.

Travelling can teach you how resilient you are. When your travelling alone with no one to rely on but yourself and maybe a travel buddy you are forced to dig deep. You are forced to deal with stress situations with seemingly no escape. Sure we travel to release ourselves from our daily stresses but let’s face it if you’ve ever gone on a vacation, they can be stressful. Typically you are on tight deadlines, forced to rely on strangers and are trying to navigate yourself through a foreign country. Sounds stressful in itself.

On top of that you are carrying your entire life in a suitcase and are living without a lot of luxuries. Travel (specifically backpacking) stripes you down to the bare minimum in both a mental and materialistic way. It’s not by any means a bad thing though. WHY? It will quickly and effectively teach you how resilient you really are, and opens your mind to the things in life that matter. You will return home with a new sense of self, a better one!

Living in a van with just us two for five months taught us a lot about ourselves and each other. We both learned so much about ourselves and each other all while surviving on the bare minimum.

We would still do it a million times over again.



2) Travelling can be extremely eye-opening.

Change your life by experiencing other cultures and their everyday life. How they live, what they eat, their holidays, their work life, how they spend time with their families and the list goes on and on and on. Did you know in You get a whole new appreciation for what you have and can better prioritize things in your life.

Travel truly inspires you to live your life to the fullest.



3) Travelling makes you step outside of your comfort zone.

To change your life is to step outside of your comfort zone. And stepping outside of your comfort zone can be scary. What if something bad happens, or you miss home, or you can’t handle a stressful situation? Bad news, it probably will happen at least once in your life. You will miss home, you might fight with your partner at the airport or get a bad sunburn, heck you might even almost drown in Fiji! But those experiences are the fundamental building blocks of who you are and what you know. They teach you how to deal with stress, how to appreciate what you have at home, how to travel with your partner, and that snorkeling in shallow coral is a terrible idea. And that’s only the beginning of what you’d learn when you step outside of your comfort zone.Leaving your comfort zone will ultimately allow you to understand others and the world while improving your own self-worth. By leaving your comfort zone behind and taking a leap of faith into something new, you find out

Change your life by changing your lifestyle and stop being afraid of everything. You will learn more about yourself, the people around you and the world when you step outside of that invisible box you’ve built yourself. By leaving your comfort zone behind and taking a leap of faith into something new, you find out who you are truly capable of being. Adventure begins outside of your comfort zone.



4) You will forever be bitten by the travel bug and become a storyteller

The travel bug is most certainly a real thing and if bitten will 100% change your life. Or at least change the way you interact with your current life. Most backpackers come home and already have their next trip planned. It’s a constant cycle that seemingly cannot be broken.

It’s addicting.

Being able to go out and see new things, experience something new and truly explore is exhilarating. Sometimes it’s not so glamorous (like the time I got stuck in a zorb) but those moments make the best stories in the end. Being bitten by the travel bug not only makes you an explorer but it makes you a story teller. These stories shape who we are as individuals and guide us to a better knowledge of the world and each other, in turn helping to shape the world. As Plato once said, “Those who tell the stories, rule society.” Just know that sometimes returning home from long term travel can be difficult, but there are people around you who can relate. As fellow vagabonds…we understand you!

Stories are the only thing that carry on after we are gone. So become the storyteller you were meant to be!

ways travelling can change your life


5) Your perspective broadens

In order to change your life you have to open up your mind and consciousness. You’ll discover almost everywhere in the world you go is extremely different. However, seeing the way other people live and experience life will allow you to evaluate your own.This evaluation will allow you to recognize all of the good things in your life and allow you to appreciate them more. Or maybe it will allow you to let go some of the negative things in your life that aren’t doing you any good. Thus improving your overall quality of life.




Travel is transformational, it can change the world and it can change your life all the way down to your core. It teaches you life skills that you wouldn’t get just living at home doing the same old thing everyday. It teaches you to trust yourself, trust others, tell your stories, and appreciate what you have.

It’s important to remember that nothing can substitute experience. What do you want to look back at when you get to the end? Those days spent at the office slaving away or the days where you were out adventuring and enjoying the world.


Do you have any travel experiences that you think changed
your life or would change your life? We’d love to hear them!

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ways travelling can change your life



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