Let us just tell you what you probably already know, Hawaii is


I mean I guess we can’t say ALL of Hawaii is amazing (although we are sure it is) because we have only visited Oahu. Perhaps one day we will get to see some of the other islands that make up this Island State.

There are so many different things you can do on Oahu and sometimes it’s extremely difficult to decide what to do and break up your time to fit in a bunch of activities. That’s what we are here for though! Now there are obviously more than seven things you can do on the island these are just a few of the things that we thought were the most memorable and things we can’t wait to do again!

So while we wait for the opportunity to take another trip to a different Hawaiian Island here are 7 things you’ve got to do on Oahu!


There are a few options for snorkeling on Oahu, it is an island after all! One of the most popular and busiest is Hanauma Bay. There are almost 3000 people that visit the Bay per day, PER DAY! That’s too many for us. So we opted to snorkel Shark’s Cove. Which was just as rewarding! It was also free and we like free. Just be warned it does tend to get higher swells during their surfing season from October to April, so it’s better to snorkel the cover during the summer months to avoid a strong current! There’s also no sharks here, it’s just a name!

snorkel hawaii snorkel oahu


Kai Coffee

If there’s one place you HAVE to check out while walking around Waikiki Beach it’s Kai Coffee located in the Hyatt Regency adjacent to the world famous beach. Go in and grab yourself one of their hot or iced Macademia Nut Kai Latte’s, you won’t regret it!

kai coffee oahu hawaii



This is a two for one deal. Lounge around all day on the world famous Waikiki beach in Honolulu. Make sure to wear enough sunscreen and to get there early enough to get a decent spot on the sand! Although, we learned quickly that the island rain for some reason makes everyone flee the beach.

(why? who knows everyone is swimming in the ocean anyways what’s a bit of rain?)

Once they’ve found cover, pick whatever spot on the beach you want!

After you’ve soaked up the sun go for a walk around all the shops in Waikiki and take in some of the amazing restaurants this commercial strip in paradise has to offer!

waikiki beach oahu hawaii


Watch a Sunset on Sunset Beach

Sunset beach is on the North side of the island and has a spectacularly uninterrupted view of the sunset. It is very appropriately named and can only truly be described with a photo.

sunset beach honolulu oahu hawaii


Visit Laniakea Beach and see the turtles

Now this is probably one of the coolest of them all! We recommend visiting the turtles before heading to watch the sunset on Sunset Beach because they are so close to each other. This beach is riddled with giant green sea turtles! They come to the beach to relax and bask in the sun, they also come to this specific beach because of the seaweed that grows here. The summer months are the best times to see these guys, when the swells aren’t too big! Some of these turtles can weigh upwards of 300 pounds!

These turtles are protected by Federal Law and Hawaiian State Law so please do NOT touch, harass or get too close to these creatures! They need their space!

turtle beach oahu honolulu hawaii Laniakea beach


Polynesian Cultural Centre

If you love learning about cultures like we do then this is the place to go to learn more about Polynesian Cultures! They have all the Polynesian cultures in one place, Aotearoa (New Zealand), Hawaiian, Fijian, Samoa, Tonga, Tahiti, and Marquesas. You can visit the mini versions of these cultural villages and see some of their customs! It’s a Must Do!

polynesian cultural centre honolulu oahu hawaii


Byodo-In Temple

This is a pretty unique place to visit and not one we really expected we would find in Hawaii but alas we did and it was worth our time! It was built as an exact replica of a 900-year old temple in Japan and was meant to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of Japanese immigrants landing in Hawaii. It’s a very beautiful and peaceful place, don’t forget to ring the giant bell!

byodo temple oahu hawaii


These were some of the best things we did in Oahu and things we highly recommend you do too! Now that being said there are a LOT of other things to do on the Island as well but try not to miss these ones and trust us you won’t regret it!


waikiki honolulu oahu hawaii

Have you ever visited any of these places? What was your favourite?


7 things youve got to do on oahu

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  1. Nick P May 12, 2017 at 9:21 am

    Great list. I have not had a chance to visit some of these locations but I definitely will have to take the time to go.

    1. toquesandboots May 12, 2017 at 2:30 pm

      You most definitely should! Oahu is amazing.


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